Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oakfell's Whistling Teapot, aka, Brenna, coming back home!!

We are so pleased to welcome Brenna back home with us at Kai Den!
She has been spending time with her breeder/co owner at Oakfell Labradors in Ga.
We are planning a litter from her in the near future. Brenna is black carrying chocolate so we plan to choose a stud dog who is the same or chocolate so we will have a nice mix of both colors. This is especially exciting to us because we think Brenna is an exceptional bitch. One of the prettiest girls we've had the pleasure to own!
Choice of stud dog will soon be posted!
Stay tuned!

Puppies Are 4 Weeks!

Puppies are a month old now. They are really looking nice!
We had to wean them yesterday due to poor Karma getting a terrible abscess on one of her teats. Babies are eating well tho, so we are thankful that they were able to nurse this long and we didn't have to bottle feed!
Pictures coming soon!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Puppies Have Arrived!

Karma started having her puppies at 7:30 pm on Mon. and finished at 3:30am today.
We are happy to report mama and her 7 blk babies are doing well! Just like in her last litter, we have 6 girls and 1 boy! We can't wait to watch them grow up!!
Pictures soon!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Karma Is In Whelp!

Yay! We have 11 days to go until we meet our new puppies! I can't wait to see what Karma girl gives us....she's such a good mama!
 Now lets just keep fingers & toes crossed for a safe delivery & healthy babies!
  I'll be posting the news as soon as we know what we've got!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Introducing Kai Den's Good Karma

Here is the puppy we kept out of Karma's last litter sired by Ch. Tullamore's Toblerone.
We call her "Chilly"....she is 5 mos. old in this photo.
 We are so happy to announce that she is now co-owned w/ Bridget Bodine of Sight To Sea Labradors! Bridget owned BISS Ch. Kai Den's Sight To Sea, JH,  aka "Belle" which is "Chilly's" gr. gr. grand mother, so we are excited to share a piece of "Belle" w/ her again!
 She's still got a lot of maturing to do, as this line is slow...but we see some nice things in this girl & are hoping that one day, she'll be as good as her pedigree says she will!
 Good luck Bridget & "Chilly"!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Puppy Looking For Great Home!

5 mo. old puppy girl available!
We have a 5 mo. old female puppy out of Karma's last litter sired by Ch. Tullamore's Toblerone available to a loving pet home. She is a very sweet girl, loves the water & very laid back. We ran her on w/ another girl that we liked out of that litter, but I think she will make a better pet for someone who wants a great companion. Couldn't ask for a better temperament!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two Weeks Down....

So, if Karma is expecting, she is 2 weeks along now. 7 weeks to go. I think we have decided to forgo the ultrasound, because really, just being patient will tell us if she's carrying puppies or not. Even tho we get so anxious to know, time really does move right along & soon, we hope, there will be a whelping box full of beautiful black babies!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Karma Has Been Bred!

Ok! Karma went to 5.0 this past Wed. So the semen from Slick was collected and shipped for arrival to Tn. on Fri. She was inseminated the same day and again today, Sat. Since she ovulated on the 11th, that means puppies will arrive 63 days from that day, so she will be due to whelp on Oct.13th. Keeping fingers crossed!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Karma's Test Results we have the first progesterone test back on Karma & it was 0.2, which is still very early. We are right at the beginning & so, we'll do another test this coming Mon., the 9th.
 Right now we're in a waiting game for her numbers to raise above 5.0 nanograms....
 More results next week!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Progesterone Test Today

 OK, so now we've completed the first progesterone test on Karma today. This is day seven in her heat cycle. Last time she was bred, she didn't ovulate until day 21, so, we will do this test several times in order to pin point exactly when we need to have Slick's semen shipped to us.
 We will know what the numbers are tomorrow. She needs to be above 5 nanograms to time this correctly.
It all sounds so complicated, but, it's just a lot of time & expense....thank goodness we don't have to ship our girls to the stud dog any more....that's the way we used to do it...that or drive, which, a trip to Colorado would be impossible, either way you look at it. Flying is too hot & driving that far is not do-able. Science is a wonderful thing, & we've come a long way!
 I'll be posting Karma's numbers tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stud Dog Chosen For Oct. Litter!

 After much time & consideration, we have finally chosen a stud dog to sire Karma's (aka: Kai Den's Supernatural) litter! We had thought of so many different dogs, but, the final decision was ironically, our first thoughts on the matter...I guess it goes to show that your first instincts are right!
 Anyway, the dog we chose is Ch. Julsby's Hey Good Lookin' aka "Slick", a nice yellow dog from Snowberry Labradors in Colorado. He seems to be producing nice rears & turn of stifle & that's what we feel we need to improve on w/ Karma. She is a lovely girl, correct type, structure, coat, wrapped otter tail & gorgeous, that sweet temperament. She is dominant black, so all her puppies will be black, but since we are using a yellow stud dog, all the puppies will carry the yellow gene & will produce yellow puppies if bred to another dog that also carries yellow. (Genetics are interesting!)
Karma is a strong producer in throwing her type in most all her puppies. Basically, we needed a dog strong in producing the thing we felt could use a bit more strength w/ her, & that was turn of stifle...which is my pet peeve. Slick seems to be putting that turn on most of the puppies I've seen out of him, so we're hopeful that this will be the right match....Karma's overall type, w/ Slicks rear!
 The semen will be shipped sometime in the next week or so, which means the puppies will arrive in Oct. & ready for new homes in Dec. I'm glad it will be cool when the puppies come, because having them in the heat is not a pleasant thing! I prefer winter puppies, so this is good timing!